High Quality Multi Function Heat Insulating Paint

solar heat Save Energy!!

Micro special ceramic beads in DAN-NETSU KUN make a heat insulation layer which reflects radiation heat energy (hot and cold). DAN-NETSU KUN brings you saving energy cost!
Multi Function
  • Reflect both heat & cold energy
  • Sound proof
  • Dew proof
  • Prevention of static charge
  • Water proof
  • Mold proof
You can expect above all functions
by only painting "DAN-NETSU KUN"!

Easy to use and harmless
DAN-NETSU KUN is water-borne paint and do NOT contain any organic solvents.
Therefore, it is very easy to handle and environmental friendly.
For thinning DAN-NETSU KUN (in case of spray painting), you just add clean water to DAN-NESTU KUN.

Mechanism of DAN-NETSU KUN
"DAN-NETSU KUN" has superior function to common insulating material such as fiber or forming material by special ceramic heat insulating layer. This special ceramic and acrylic silicon resin reflect thermal energy and never keep thermal energy in the heat insulating layer. So "DAN-NETSU KUN" shows good heat insulating function.

(Common heat insulating material)
common heat insulation
dannetsukun heat insulation
Usually thermal insulating material requires its thickness more than 10cm, but "DAN-NETSU KUN" exerts almost same effect by only 0.6-1.0mm thickness!


(Case 1: Gymnastic hall)

heat insulation result
After painting DAN-NETSU KUN, all temperatures are dramatically dropped especially "roof temp" and " attic temp". In this case, DAN-NETSU KUN is painted only on the roof surface of the gymnastic hall.

(Case 2: Heat pipe line)

heat pipe line

Content 14kg (water bone)
Colors about 100 colors
Operating Temp. -100 to 200 Deg.C
Painting method Brush, Roller, Spray, trowel

* DAN-NETSU KUN is special and water borne paint.
So we recommend you to use within 3-4 months after production to keep its quality. Don't keep DAN-NETSU KUN in your stock yard or building site for a long time to avoid rotting solvent water or drying out.

* DAN-NETSU KUN doesn't contain
"Formaldehyde", "Acetaldehyde", "Toluene" and "Xylene"

Install Inventries of DAN-NETSU KUN

Factory Roof
Food Factory Printing Plant Water Treatment Plant
Food Factory
Prevent solar heating. After painting, it becames easier to control room temp.
and reduce energy cost.

Printing Factory and Water Treatment Factory
Prevent solar heating. Also DAN-NETSU KUN prevent factory noize leakage to outside.

Boiler and Oven
Boiler Oven
Boiler and Oven
Protect workers from burn.
After painting, boiler and oven outside serface temperature go down and workers can touch witout any problem.
On the other hand, inside temp is kept more than before. So heating energy cost is reduced.
Of course, factory room temp is also reduced and air conditioning cost has been reduced.

Air Duct
Air Duct
Paint on air conditioning pipe line in the factory. Cool/warm air is kept longer time than before. Air conditiong cost is reduced. Also if you paint DAN-NETSU KUN on heat pipe lines in factories, DAN-NETEU KUN prevents workers from burn and keeps high fluid temperature in pipe lines.
It means you can reduce energy loss.

Normal houses
Protect from solar heating
After painting, the attic temperature of the houses is reduced by 10 to 22 deg.C.
And owners have been saving enargy cost of air conditioning in summer.

Inside wall
Inside wall
In case of painting inside wall, DAN-NETSU KUN reflect both warm/cool energy.
So lead time to target temp is reduced and air conditioned temp is kept a long time.
Energy cost is reduced.