Winner in Magnetic Mesuring Field
Non-destrictive Inspection Machines

non-destructive inspection machines as an exporter.
EMIC are onto a winner in magnetic measuring field.

-Technical Expertise-
Magnetic particle test
Magnetic particle test is the method to find defects of various magnetic material parts or steel materials quickly and definitely without any damage on objects.
Eddy current test
Eddy current method is suitable for flaw inspection, material discrimination, film thickness measurement and shape/dimension meaduring method of metal materials.
When you do "Magnetic particle test" or "Eddy current test", objects keep residual magnetism and it may cause some trouble wherein machining or assembling. Therefore tested objects should be demagnetized.

Magnetic particle tester
Demagnetization related equipment
Magnetic measuring equipment
Eddy current tester
Magnetization related equipment
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