Asbestos Free(Non-Asbestos Gasket) Ecological
Metal Jacket Gasket and Joint Sheet Gasket

metal gasket
NAPI heat resistant gasket for the highest performance

Metal jacket gaskets are used for various high temperature lines such as power plants, boilers, engines, chemical plants, petrochemical plants and others because of its high sealing performance. But asbestos is prohibited to use now in many countries. NAPI(R) is made of zero-asbestos material. So NAPI has both high performance gasket function and environmental friendly function.
(Conform to ISO Regulation EC 1272/2008 CLP/EC Note Q)

Why is NAPI safety packing?

NAPI(R) use fine zero-asbestos material "ZERO-AS BOARD(R)"
not non-asbests material for inner material.
"ZERO-AS BOARD(R)" is basically made from biosoluble inorganic fiber,
so the asbestos content ratio of "ZERO-AS BOARD(R)" is almost 0% !!
(less than 0.0001% by EPA method)

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Metal Jacket Gasket Joint Sheet Gasket

NAPI Metal Jacket Gasket

The characteristics of NAPI metal jacket type gasket
Copper gasket
Copper Jacket
 1.High sealing performance.

 2.High performance of heat tolerance,
   pressure resistance and durability.

 3.High cushioning characteristic by
   intensified bearing resistant strength.

 4.JIS, ASME, JPI standard line up.
   JIS 5K, 10K, 16K(20K), 30K, 40K, 63K
   ASME/JPI Class150(G1,G2) 300(G1,G2)

 5.Original shape gaskets are available.

Stainless Steel gasket
Stainless Steel Jacket

Stracture of NAPI metal packing
metal jacket gasket

Working and Test Temperature (Deg. C)
Model NAPI-600 NAPI-800 NAPI-816 NAPI-900
Test Temp.800 Deg.C1000 Deg.C1000 Deg.C1000 Deg.C
Working Temp.600 Deg.C800 Deg.C820 Deg.C900 Deg.C

NAPI metal jackets are used in various industrial fields

 -For high temperature / high pressure steam line sealing
  NAPI-600 or 800 series

 -For diesel internal combustion engines (ships/vessels etc.)
  Exhaust gasket, Head gasket, Supply and exhaust gasket for co-generator

 -For car and motorcycle engines
  Copper packing, Head gasket

 -For petroleum refining, petrochemistry, paper-manufacturing plants
  Various gasket, RF type gasket, FF type gasket (JIS, ASME, JPI standard)

 -For thermal power plant
  Full face type gasket, Ring gasket (metal jacket type JIS, ASME, JPI standard)

 -For high temperature plant such as incinerator, steel facilities
  Full face type gasket, Ring gasket (metal jacket type JIS, ASME, JPI standard)

 -For high temperature vacuum facility plants
  Metal flat type gasket

Various Shape Gaskets can be acceptable!
Not only JIS/ASME standard shape but also other shape gasket can be produced.
We can produce customers original shape gasket!

NAPI Joint Sheet Gasket

The characteristics of NAPI Joint Sheet Gasket
 1.High sealing performance. 0.0004 Pa m3/s (by "He" leak detector)

 2.Up to 300 deg.C working temperature

 3.Environmental/Human friendly material
   The materiala of NAPI joint Sheet is BSF (Bio Soluble Fiber)
   which meets EC 1272/2008 CLP/EC Note Q.
   You don't worry about Asbestos problem!

Joint sheet gasket
NAPI-J55 (Normal)
Non asbestos gasket
NAPI-JSM (For High Temp.)

Working Temperature (Deg. C) and Pressure
Working Temp.-50 to 230 Deg.C-50 to 150 Deg.C-50 to 300 Deg.C-50 to 230 Deg.C
Working Press.2.0 Mpa4.0 Mpa2.0 Mpa4.0 Mpa

Aqueous Fluid Water, Sea water, Warm and hot water, Steam, Extra heated Steam, etc.
Oil Fluid Crude oil, Naphtha, Alcohol, LPG, Ethylene glycol, Ethylene, Ammonia solvent, etc.

Line up (Full Face type Gasket)
Standard JIS 5k, 10k, 16k / ASME Class150, 300
Size JIS 5K10mm to 1200mm
JIS 10K10mm to 1200mm
JIS 16K10mm to 600mm
ASME #1501/2" to 48"
ASME #3001/2" to 46"
* Ring type gasket is avairable