The oil problem is solved!
Environment-friendly new oil dispersant
SNOM wide
SNOM is the oil dispersant which is developed as easy to use and environmental-friendly product. Any oil, such as mineral oil and animals-and-plants oil, can be processed promptly. This is the best oil dispersant under various situation!

SNOM wide (The feature of goods)

Sprinkle SNOM on oil, it will absorb oil in an instant. You can check the absorption at a glance because the color of SNOM changes dark brown from ocher after oil is absorbed.

(2)Outstanding capability
SNOM absorbs only oil, doesn't absorb water. The bacteria decompose oil into water and carbon dioxide.

SNOM is the harmless product which is made from natural materials.

SNOM wide
N10 --10Kg(40L) / carton
N2.5--2.5Kgx4 cases/ carton

carton box


Respond to oil absorption - SNOM
Oil dispersant / Purpose of use
(1)Mineral oil:
Light oil, Gasoline, Lamp oil,
Heavy oil, Lubricating oil.
(2)Organic solvent:
Acetone, Benzene, Toluene,
Xylene, Phenol, Alcohol, etc.
(3)Animal oil:
Lard, fish oil, etc.
(4)Plant oil:
Soybean oil, rapeseed oil,
sesame oil, etc.
Oil removal on the asphalt road or the concrete road
Cleaning the floor of a factory, the surface of pipes or tanks, ventilation fans, and machines
・Water surface:
Remove the oil from gullies, rivers, and ponds.
・Oily water separation tub:
Remove the oil film on the surface. Remove the oil in an oil fence
The disposal method
Scanning electron microphotograph
SNOM is made from biodegradable materials. Therefore, after oil absorption, you can throw away as usual burnable garbage. And also, SNOM can turn into compost, so you can bury it in the ground. Of course it never exerts a harmful influence on environment.
Preeminent for adsorption at many detailed holes;

Specific gravity 0.25 (1kg:4L)
microphotograph magnification: x1,100

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