- T I T A N I U M -

The Great Characteristic of TITANIUM
1. Titanium is superior against corrosion resistance material
and does not ionize easily.

2. Titanium is very light and high strength.

3. Titanium has a unique identity for ultra-low temperature,
superconductive and nonmagnetism.

Even though Titanium has above great charactoristics, it was said that......
  Hard to install because of it's hardness.
  Display cracks when bending.
  No durability for vibration.
But we have solved above all issues!!!

Line up

Flanged end Titanium Flexible Tube Connector

This tube takes an advantage of excellent corrosion resistance, this is flexible tube for high pressured water pump device for industrial plants of chemical, synthetic organic chemistry, petroleum chemistry and IC industries.

*Material of gasket ring : Titanium

*Material of flange : SUS 304 (standard)
( available SUS316, Titanium )

*Standard of flange : JIS 10K, ANSI, BS API

Female swivel end type Titanium Flexible Tube Connector

For general use flexible tube connector
Suitable for installing following situation;
1)Alkaline corrosion by concrete
2)Corrosion by seawater
3)Deterioration by sunshines.

*Material of tube : Titanium

*Material of nut : C.P. Brass(standard), SUS304, SUS316, Titanium

Special Designed Flexible Tube Connector

We can produce special designed products as your request.

Both ends are straight pipe for welding.

Without braid type connector.

Special designed flange connecting part.

Large size tube for expansion joint...etc.

Are you interested in TITANIUM Flexible Tube & Connector?
Please feel free to inquire!

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