High Quality & Multi Function Heat Insulating Paint

GAINAis the high quality and multi function hear insulating paint using space development technology. GAINA makes clear distinction from normal coatings by taking advantage of the effect of special ceramics. The main inclusion ceramic of GAINA specializes in thermal insulation and GAINA contains other functional ceramics which are effective in other points such as noise insulation, dew condensation prevention, heat barrier, well ion balance and others.

GAINA defies common wisdom of coatings by being effective in excellent thermal barrier as well as other 14 capabilities.

(Insulation, Endurance, Noise proofing, Dew-proofing, Deodorization, Moisture Permeance, Antibacterial effect, Heat protection, Safety paint, Healing, Antifouling, Elasticity, Nonflammable, Various application).

[Before Drying]

Combination of various types of functional ceramic beads.

[After Drying]

Painted surface is coated by ceramic beads.

When GAINA is applied to the roof, exterior and interior of buildings, GAINA redirects sunlight, heat and noise as insulation and heat barrier paint, and also GAINA resists dirt. As well, the ceramic, which receives the sunlight or artificial lights, produces the ionization effect which improves the interior air quality, making a comfortable atmosphere with a good balance of positive and negative ions.

GAINA Various Test Result

GAINA is used for various locations such as roofs, tanks, vehicles and temples.

At all situation, GAINA perform good result.

GAINA protect/prevent objects from solar heating.

Shed comparison experiment between GAINA coat, Styrofoam and Non-coat

test shackstyroform
For the Styrofoam insulated shed, 25mm thickness Styrofoam is attached to the ceiling, interior walls and door.

At the result of comparison experiment between three type of shed (non-coated, Styrofoam insulation and GAINA coated), the temperature difference between non-coated shed((blue line) and the Styrofoam insulation shed (green line) is about only 3 deg. C at 14:00. But in case of GAINA coated, the interior temperature is cooler than non-coated shed by 7 deg. C!! The day time temperature of GAINA coated shed is four deg. C lower than that of Styrofoam insulated shed. From early night to morning, the graph shows that the Styrofoam insulated shed stored the heat and the temperature is higher than the other two sheds (refer area 'A') because of keeping warm effect of Styrofoam.

Heat barrier effect produces 29 deg.C difference

(Temperature comparison between concrete surface and GAINA coated surface)

(Before coated)(After GAINA coated)
Surface temperature of the
concrete roof is 63.2 deg. C.
(Air temp. is 33 deg. C.)
Surface temperature of the
concrete roof is only 34.4 deg. C.
(Air temp. is 34 deg. C.)
Paint GAINA on the Surface of Butane Gas Tank
tankgas temp
Gas temperature goes down by more than 5 deg.C
Paint GAINA on the Surface of Butane Gas Tank
Gas temperature goes down by more than 5 deg.C

GAINA Various Test Result

temple.jpg(128603 byte)

-ISCON Temple in India(New Delhi)

It was difficult for worshippers to walk on heated stone floor by bare foot.

After paint GAINA on the floor, worshippers can walk confortably.


-Thailand Palace Communication Facilities Room (Thailand)

To protect communication facilities from solar heating.

-For General Buildings and houses

Roof, interior wall, outside wall, door and ceiling.


-For the industrial field

Factory, warehouse, laboratory, refrigerated or freeze warehouse, container,
vehicle, pipe, plumbing, steam line and others.

factory wall
factory roof
fire pit

-For the daily and farm industry field

Livestock barn, silo, feed store, manure shed and others.


-Other fields

Air port, hospital, school, gymnastic hall, event hall, care house, hotel,
poolside, indoor pool and others.


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