EXEN Stainless Air Knocer

EXEN Air Knocer series solve flow prolem in hoppers, chute, silo or pipes caused by powder, sticky or greasy materials.

Powder/greasey materials are clogged easily like bridging, ratholing, arching or adherence to wall and stop flowing unless solving these problems.

EXEN Air Knockers are hitting on the wall of silos, chutes or pipes and solve the clogging instead of banging by workers!

Use for (example)

- Powder : Flour, Sugar, Salt, Starch, Instant drink, Toner, Dust, etc.

- Particle : Pellet, Sand, Soil, Ballast, Glass, Ceramic, Cement, etc.

- Greasy : Oil, Grease, Cream, Honey, Undiluted solution, Paste, etc.

- Grain : Rice, Wheat, Coconut product, Corn, Nuts, Beans, etc.

- Others : Tea, Pulp, Cotton, Fiber, Dust, etc.

Where are EXEN Air Knockers used?

- Chemical, Fertilizer factory

- Oil, Grease factory

- Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical factory

- Cement, Metal, Plastic, Glass, Ceramic Factory

- Powder paint, Toner factory

- Sanitary products, Chmical fiber factory

- Power plant

Line up and Specification
ModelWorking Pressure (Mpa)Stroke Cycle (time/min) Air Consumption (L/time) (ANR)Stroke Energy (N m)Impulsive Force (kg m/s) Weight (kg)
RKV60PA/ PAR0.3-0.71-600.33-0.7720.6-49.06.9-10.69.3/9.4
RKV80PA/ PAR0.3-0.71-600.60-1.4045.1-109.015.2-23.714.5/14.6
RKV100PA/ PAR0.3-0.71-600.98-2.2882.4-201.030.0-46.934.0/34.3
RKV120P0.3-0.71-63.32 - 6.64131 - 32152.0 - 84.051.8

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