Air Cleaning Wall Converings TF-V

Solution for bad odor in your room New deodorant wall-coverings

Semipermanent cycled odor-eliminating wall-coverings

Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V'

decomposes bad odor components into water and carbon dioxide by it's semipermanent cycled odor eliminating function.

This effect lasts repeatedly!

The mechanism of 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V'

TRIPLEFRESH vinyl wall-coverings

"I feel the room air is quite different than before..."

"I don't sense odor which was a nuisance to me before."

You will experience revolutionary space which is created by the performance of Air-cleaning wall-coverings. Air catalytically functional 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V', it's cycled odor-decomposing performance continues semipermanently.

Please try to use 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' not only in general house but also the any other places you want to care for odor.

Air Maintenance

At the places where a lot of people use, such as hotels, inns and restaurants, owners should pay attention to odor. 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' deodorizes various kind of odor ( cigarette odor, body odor & others) and keeps air fresh.


We recommend you to use 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' for hospital, care home, nursing home and other welfare facilities. 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' deodorizes not only body odor but also human waste odor, sweat odor and others.


Of course 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' attracts to general house. 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' deodorizes garbage odor, animal odor, any other odor which comes up from your life. And also 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' decomposes formaldehyde.

'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' can decompose following odor materials

Acetaldehyde, Hydrogen sulfite, Formaldehyde, Acetic acid, Ammonia Trimethylamine, Methyl mercaptan, Nicotine.

(Main components of each odor)

1)Cigarette odor --- Nicotine, Aldehyde, Acetic acid

2)Garbage odor --- Hydrogen Sulfite, Trimethylamine, Methyl mercaptan. etc.

3)Human waste odor - Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfite, Methyl mercaptan. etc.

4)Animal odor --- Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulfite, Trimethylamine, Methyl mercaptan

'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V' can NOT decompose following odor.

1)Aromatic compounds such as incense, perfume, toluene, xylene. etc.

2)Mold odor

The performace refreshing confirmation test of 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V'

Refreshment of high odor-eliminating performance
comparing with normal product is confirmed

(The test was carried on using acetaldehyde)

As shown in the above chart, the odor-eliminating rate of normal wall-covering is decreasing day by day. In case of 'Air-cleaning wall-coverings TF-V', it keeps high odor-eliminating rate and the odor-eliminating performance was refreshed after left out for a week.

Ammonia gas decompsition test

TF-V design catalogs

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Noncombustible1000 Home Fresh

Noncombustible, Semi-noncombustible Material

Cone calorimeter method : ISO 5660-1.2002 Passed

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Major Users of TF-V

Nissan , Mazda, Mitsubishi motors, Daihatsu(For using car interior)

Hotel New Otani, Sinagawa prince hotel, Narita Port Hotel(Washington hotel), Hotel Route Inn, SheratonHotel, Hotel JAL, ANA Hotel

Chiba University, Osaka Medical collage

Kinki university hospital, Kumamoto University hospital

Art Center of Kobe (concert hall and condominium), and other many places

Conditions and Minimum order quantity
Conditions92cm(+Selvage) x 50m/roll92cm x 12.3m/roll
PackageCraft Paper WrapShrink Wrap
You have to cut selvage when you install.
Easy to install
M.O.Q.1 Roll4 Rolls
Unit qty/design : 4rolls/design

How to mainain TF-V wall coverings

Please wipe with a warm wrung cloth.

Don't use alcohol or diluted bleach to avoid discoloration or color off.

If there is anything we can help you with,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

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