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We are providing TOHO SEISAKUSHO automatic control equipments as nominated exporter.

TOHO SEISAKUSHO products suit everyone's needs.

Control Motor

TOHO SEISAKUSHO control motors (electric actuators) are used as control actuators for valves, dampers and other devices. Covering output torques 8 to 7500Nm.

We provide wide variety of variations motors.

Series : MVB, MC, MCH, MCHT, MPZ

Electric Control Valves/Solenoid Valves/Electric Damper

TOHO SEISAKUSHO motorized/solenoid valve series have three types: 1) general-purpose products, 2) pressure-resistant and 3) explosion-proof products.

Custom-made (customer requests) products are acceptable.

Line up : Control Valve, Butterfly Valve, 2-way Valve, Ball Valve, Solenoid Valve, Damper


TOHO SEISAKUSHO provide various positioners and transducers.

Digital Electric positioner :

RX-1003DK/DKS type

Electronic positioner :

RX-1003PUI/PU type

Balancing relay :

RX-1001PUL type

RI converter :

EG-514 type


TOHO SEISAKUSHO provide various switches.

Rod type float switch

Flow relay : AQ-243 type

Flow relay : AQ-247 type

Pressure switch : APL-153 type

Pressure switch : APL-453 type

Pressure switch : APL-454 type

Proportional Solenoid Valve/Solenoid Products

TOHO SEISAKUSHO solenoid type electric governor actuators are used for speed control and fuel control of diesel engines by excellent vibration resistance, durability and environmental resistance as a highly reliable product.

Also developing high-speed and high-precision stator solenoids and injector solenoids for recent environmental regulations (CO2/NOx/PM).

Line up : Starter solenoid, Proportional solenoid valve, Proportional solenoid, Controller

Engine control equipment

TOHO SEISAKUSHO has been developing, designing, producing and selling speed control systems (electronic governors) for industrial engines since 1984.

(Adoption example) Engine control for emergency/regular power generators, pumps, railcars, construction machinery, and marine main engines.

Electronic governor :

Speed controller XS-400 Series

Digital governor controller :


Diesel fuel control equipment :

XA-439C Series



Combustion control equipment

TOHO SEISAKUSHO Ignition torches and control boxes (automatic ignition and flame detection devices) are in operation at thermal power plants all over the world.

The control box contains fuel/combustion air on/off valve, flow control valve, ignition device, flame detection relay, and control relay. So you can do remote automatic ignition and combustion monitoring.

Customer's required specifications are acceptable.

Line up : Ignition torch control box Burner, Flame detector, detection relay

Pressure-resistant Explosion-proof equipment

TOHO SEISAKUSHO provide various explosion-proof equipments which are necessary for automatic control system in hazards area.

Control motor

Solenoid valve :

dVB-2323 / 2324 / 2325 2326 type

Motor valve :

dVRH6. dVRH10 series

Flow relay :

dAQ-243, dsAQ-243, dAQ-247, dsAQ-247

Float Switch :

dAF / dAFA series

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