Rapture Disc

We are dealing with V-TEX(KISHIKAWA TOKUSHU) rapture disc as an exporter.

V-TEX raptutre discs are produced by top quality control system and tailored to suit specific customer requierments.

About Rapture Disc

Rupture Disc is a pressure relief device that prevents system from over-pressurization. If a plant or a system consisting of vessels, containers and pipes is designed to have a weak spot, relatively weaker from other area,, and when the system or plant inner pressure reaches to certain point, the weak spot will burst (rupture) to release the pressure. This prevents system or plant from over-pressurizing and protects other areas of the system. Given conditions to this weak spot, including shape, dimension, pressure, temperature, and being replaceable, it is called Rupture Discs or Bursting Discs.

Rupture Disc units offer proven protection to equipment and piping in various applications including chemical and nuclear industries. Rupture Disc units protects such equipments from risk of bursting caused by abnormal pressure rising from mis-operation, excursion or flare. The Rupture Disc design seals 100% at all pressure ranges.

This eliminates the problem found in most safety devices of seal leakage during normal operation and eliminates the leakage of expensive, combustible, poisonous, and radioactive fluid.

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